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Curtis Speer 



I was born and raised in Lawton, Oklahoma. With a military base close by and a transient population, things never really seemed to happen in this seemingly small hometown. I began to pay closer attention to my surroundings at and early age. With a copious amount of self prescribed solitude, I would spend time outside, far away from anyone. I tuned into the trees, the colors, the sounds and most importantly, the light.


Seeing things from at least two perspectives would lead me to continue to create bodies of work that play with the mind and the eyes. Using Light as my main subject, I am able to capture the subtleties of life,

death, color, contrast, texture and emotion. With a full college scholarship for drawing, I was taught to develop my own perspective which would later apply to my life as an artist using a camera. 


My work is a result of continued hard work and

perseverence. Working with designers along the

west coast and firms in New York, I never cease

to get inspired by the people around me.


Working as a prop & set stylist and design director

for some of the best people in the field of design

and visual display; Neiman Marcus, Williams-

Sonoma and Nike.

I gained knowledge and appreciation for

the sometimes laborious process and developed

my  own approach and technique. I was able to

walk away knowing more about who I am and what

I am here to do. As I continue on my journey,

I can only hope my work resonates with the viewer

and compels him or her to slow down a little and

turn inward.


With continued support and partnership with

Hewlett-Packard, I am able to evolve my process

and approach to the fine art aspect of my

photography. Breaking rules, pushing boundaries

and getting people to ask the important questions

is something I will continue to strive for. 


I finished off my work in hand crafted raw walnut

frames and hand finish the edges of my images so

the final piece is a work of art, not just another





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