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After more than eleven years of photography and five years running my own gallery, I have started to create attainable aspects of my life starting with a coffee table book and a collector's edition scented candle reminiscent of New England. This page will continue to evolve so check back from time to time.

The Light Keeper Candle

The Light Keeper

A Light Keeper is someone that is always behind the scenes consciously being a keeper of the light. It is a non-physical and undercover thing that he does. Much like a Light House Keeper he is there to direct and guide you through rough times and darkness into the light where there are safe harbors. A Light Keeper is there to make sure you are never truly lost.

Our Light Keeper candle is a collaboration with Curtis Speer a popular Provincetown artist and owner of CUSP GALLERY. Curtis uses his camera for visual storytelling. The focus of his work is visual, tactile, aural and in some, what can be smelled and tasted. His technique expresses a sensuality about whatever subject he captures. 

This beautiful candle is hand poured by Ian & Adam Siegel at Trubee Hill located on the North Shore of Long Island in Glen Cove, New York. It is made with all natural soy wax and infused with natural essential oils including cedarwood, patchouli and pine which gives it bold notes of luxurious leather with hints of amyris, musk, and moss for an intensely earthy oak and smoky fragrance. 

It comes in straight sided black glass tumbler in an 8.5 oz size for a nearly 50 burn time. It is packaged in an eco-friendly custom printed handmade paper tube that is made with recycled and biodegrade paper. The tube itself is a piece of art that should be repurposed such as a pencil holder or perhaps bedroom or kitchen storage. The applications are endless.

$40 retail.

eleven, a coffee table book


To every artist pursuing their dream


Out of the five human senses, it is the unique privilege of sight and accompanying visual stimulation that is the highest valued of all our gifted intelligences. In addition to its utilitarian necessity, this vision is where we turn in times of introspection, reflection, imagination, and is what encourages a plethora of emotions in our dreams. The gift of creation is truly divine, and those that choose to share their chosen craft with the mission of encouraging thought and contemplation are truly the connectors to our soul. Curtis Speer is undoubtedly one of those profound and powerful magic makers whose innate ability to inspire is nothing short of astonishing. We have the distinct pleasure of holding several pieces of Curtis’ work in our personal collection — and continue to admire the diversity and unique nature of his work across a multitude of subject matters. If you have not had the opportunity to experience the deep sentiments expressed through his mastery of light, darkness, texture, and color that accompany his self-discovered technique of life and mortality, you are definitely in for a delight of emotions. Curtis was schooled in the art of drawing which served as the artistic foundation leading to his chosen artistry in fine art photography. Rarely will you see him void of a camera or absent of the desire to explore his next recognition of beauty, found in the most unexpected and inane objects.

"eleven" book cover